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Why Some Ladies Love Harsh Sex—and 4 Hot How To Decide To Try It

Why Some Ladies Love Harsh Sex—and 4 Hot How To Decide To Try It

Hair pulling and spanking are just the beginning

The skill of Scratching. Blows and Sighs. Biting. These may appear to be chapter games in a BDSM manual. But they’re actually through the world’s oldest and most revered guide to sex—the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian Hindu text written around 400 B.C.

Yeah, evidently individuals have been having rough intercourse since the dawn of the time. And specialists state you will find legit physiological and explanations that are psychological our love of whips and spanking.

One such explanation is referred to as “excitation transfer theory,” says sex researcher Nicole Prause, Ph.D.

If you’re bitten, scratched, or spanked, your blood pressure levels rises and your heart events in reaction to this discomfort, Prause states. If it occurs while having sex, “you interpret it as intimate excitement.”

Another description is due to the brain’s “pain matrix.” Prause says you will find areas into the mental faculties that react to pain, and these areas overlap with areas that react to sexual arousal.

This overlap “might play a small trick on the brain,” causing it to confuse discomfort and pleasure whenever you’re experiencing them at precisely the same time, she states. (more…)